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Hardware 1993 to July 2019

Aanderaa sensors for logging weather data.

Station Housing Scanning Unit Sensor Arm Precipitation Sensor

The first picture shows station housing (2700), the second shows the sensor scanning unit (3010), the third shows the sensor arm (3415) with sensors attached and the last shows the precipitation (rain, snow) sensor (3864H). Sensors listed by position (as marked on the arm) with Aanderaa model number and description:

   Position  Model  Description
        2/3  2740   Wind Speed Sensor
          4  3150   Wind Direction Sensor
          5  3455   Air Temperature Sensor
          6  3445   Relative Humidity Sensor
          7  2810   Air Pressure Sensor
          8  2770   Solar Radiation Sensor
         10  3864H  Rainfall Sensor, Tipping Bucket, Heating

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